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"The Talk"

Completely WORK SAFE: 3:53

When unixwolf spent Glowfest weekend with us, he explained that 10-years old was just about the right time to have "the talk."

Really? Ten? The talk? YIKES!

So last week, I began drafting a quick & dirty of the things I wanted to cover - as talking points - and set out to make a video he could watch any time he wanted. That way, he wouldn't be forced to discuss anything he didn't want to. It had to be brief enough and visually busy enough keep his attention, funny enough to lighten the mood, but also long enough & serious enough to hammer out what I thought was important. That's a tall order!
My own foray into the wilderness was much more...clinical: When I went looking for information as a youth all I could find at the library was information on the reproductive system of felines. Yes, cats.

Also, the woman I married is the daughter of hippies, and is big on sexual self-exploration. I knew I wouldn't get around bringing that up, and she had some very specific 'rules' she wanted me to include when I discussed this with my son. So while you may not agree with how I've addressed it, or my views on it, I find it far less restrictive than the instruction I was given:
Masturbation is having sex with yourself, therefore you're committing adultery against your future wife by having sex outside of marriage.


So here it is, the birds & the bees for a 10-year old boy, from his father. Use and distribute yourself if you find it useful - believe me, I stressed out enough about what to include/omit for all of us. That being said, I thought it turned out fantastic!
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