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Four Days

I have rec'd calls and emails from many of you wanting to know just WTF I've been these last few days, and it has also been brought to my attention that this is the longest I've been unavailable on AIM. Ever.

Let me enlighten you.

I've met this magical, intoxicating couple. Galinda & Frankenfurter. They suck me in to their surreal freak-show world and time starts to lack dynamic. Only once before have I experienced something like this, and that was entering Tony's darkened house after work Friday only to re-emerge again Monday morning into the harsh light with no tangible memories of the xanax and bourbon induced activities betwixt the two. My slide into this current dreamworld began Wednesday (though I was enamored of it from a distance, as an outsider, much earlier) innocently enough (as they all seem to do) with a visit to Harrah's Lucky Break telecast to watch a friend of a friend compete. It was only a small group of us, so I felt entirely comfortable ordering the 60 oz. beer. As it turned out, more friends of friends showed and I was on my second! The show ends, the area vacates and Galinda and I order only a handful more as we await the release of Frankenfurter (three days, three mids, three nights, three days off.) Once battened down at his abode, the floor was flushed and I spiraled down, getting only three hours of sleep in my own bed before the next morning. What had happened? Accurate memories are vague and unreliable.

One thing is for sure: Their exterior alter-ego's of sane, mild-mannered people during the day is only a facade, and the transformation process is truly awesome to behold as they become firecrackers after dark! A fourteen-hour day follows in which I managed to triple-book my morning. Not getting quite enough sleep, I begin Friday in a hectic mad-dash of my responsibilities followed by another evening meeting with Galinda & Frankenfurter which ends 12 hours later. Once again, three hours of sleep and another 24 hours with my only sustenance being their presence! Food becomes irrelevant, sleep uneccesasry. I am now a creature of the night! We've already begun the plan of luring my wife into their circle of darkness so my path can be complete and our rightful destiny realized!

In other news, astro (of fame) and his wife were in Missouri for a visit trying to iron-out the details of their relocation and we had a wonderful breakfast together - very charming people! We had only a limited amount of time, and I could not answer all of my wife's questions due to that, but I foresee another St. Louis relationship. If all goes according to plan, and provided I engage my sleep-mode in a timely manner, they will join me for dinner their last night in town.

Ordered the following ties:

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