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The End of an Era

Our Daily Service Review has been at 1000 hours every morning. I'm like, "ON" at 1000. I have two words to say everyday on this conference call. "Zero/Green." I usually say it with such gusto and enthusiasm, I've been unofficially (and unknowingly truth be told) the DSR mascot. Now, that's not unusual for me, I used to compose my oration for the DSR in the car on the drive into work in Texas, sometimes even giving my report in the form of a haiku. Early last week, one of the participants suggested moving the DSR to 0900. "In the morning?" was my response. Which, IMHO, provided in crystal clarity my opinion of the move. A week later, "...since there were no objections..."
"Excuse me! I objected."
"Yes, but you were the only one, Eric."
Needless to say, we started our 0900 DSR's. To date, I've made one. When it came time today to speak my two words, I was asked to repeat them. Twice. Finally, I was asked, "Is this Eric?"
"Yes sir."
"Is this ERIC?"
*clear throat* "Yes sir!"
"Well Eric, we just haven't heard from you in awhile, and you don't sound yourself. Don't like these 0900 calls do you?"
Everyone laughed and jeered at my expense. It was funny later, when I woke up after my coffee.

Completed my first 60+ hour work week here this week. That, coupled with the every-other-day nighttime activities I find myself inexplicably drawn into makes for quite a week. Today was probably the most difficult in waking, after only 3.9 hours of sleep. At one point, I was dreaming that I was awake. At another, I was awake, day-dreaming that I was asleep. Reality can be confusing. Somehow, I actually made it into the office, and onto the DSR. Life is funny. Integrating my family into our 300 sq/ft hotel room will be difficult at best. Setting aside my recent nocturnal adventures will also take some adjusting. Getting home at a resonable hour and getting real sleep, however, will be bliss. Perhaps normalcy will slowly return, as my dreamlike state this last week begins to fade and becomes only a memory. I'll have to resist the urge to fight it.

From the Official Publication of Dogbert's New Ruling Class:

"The biggest surprise to me was in the Weaseliest Behavior category where gas gouging lost out to advocating the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools. Apparently most people would rather be robbed than exposed to unproven ideas. This could be a valuable tool for muggers who don't like guns. "Give me your wallet or else I'll explain the concept of irreducible complexity!"

Carla is going to once again perform her telephony dance this evenings at the other office, while myself and another co-worker engange in the desktop-move ballet. All told, probably three addtional hours after work, in which I must do laundry, the dishes, unload the car, and clean the room in the few hours remaining between the time I leave work, and the time my wife arrive this evening. Good bye, Pint-O-Guinness, it was fun knowing you.

This is Eric, signing off.
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