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"Kick Me"

I've stated before that I'm a whore for trying new things but getting my ass kicked wasn't ever on that list. As a "white belt" - the lowest rank martial artist, I thought I was immune to sparring - they've always separated us away from the group for individual training when everyone else suited up.

And while its true I didn't spar, I was surprised last night when they put a padded vest on me to trade kicks with my partner (a giant of a man I'm always partnered with, presumably because of our closeness in rank (he's two belts ahead of me) and my stockiness offsets his...giganticness). One of us stood stationary while taking kicks, then moved down the mat so the other could spin, jump, or step and kick again. And again. And again. We each moved up and down the length of the dojo twice.

We did this practicing three kicks, from both feet, one of them combinations. That was something like 120 kicks and I could barely get my leg high enough to strike my huge partner in the chest area with my instep by the last round.

But that's not what bothered me. You see, I too got kicked in the chest 120 times.

It was quickly becoming apparent last night, but moreso this torso aches. Like, all of it.

We test for our Yellow belts tomorrow, and our attention to detail and "discipline in our forms" will be the difference between being awarded full yellow or "Advanced White" which is a white belt with a yellow stripe running through it.

Maybe that's why I got the shit kicked out of me - its just semantics as far as the Grandmaster is concerned?

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