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The Beginning of Time

The Beginning of Time was wrought with wonder
Massive skies eclipsed with stars;
Lighting, rain, wind and thunder
On clear nights you could see to Mars

Sunlight bore labor's fruit seasonally
Darkness masked predatory rape
Moon not yet tied to tides boundless synergy
Magical, mystical, mythical gape

An inflamed deity's recompense unleashes mass destruction
On a nearly-global scale
Flood, tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption
Inalienable proofs solidify belief's scale
Societies too distant to collaborate together
Similar conclusions nonetheless draw
Powerful but jealous unseen beings test us
Some seek pleasure and adulation amongst men
Those who seek favor fabricate ways to accrue it
Power is given to the leader of them
Rate of growth, expansionism - kingdoms rise and fall
Tales from foreign lands; beauty, death & lore
A mix of people interact anthropologically, economically
And religiously, subsets of mankind soon abhor

Enlightened multiculturists embrace other's views
Religion is the worlds most singularly powerful sword
Not a drop of truth in any of it
Yet he who wields it controls entire worlds

Denominational diversity manifests the Angel of Death
For your fractured view of tolerance is lip-service to the Lord
Justification of carnal desires impossibly suppressed
Unbridled freedom from sin of your own creation shall be your just reward

Don't preach to me about heaven
Don't preach to me about hell
Your proof of his existence
Are the very ones I use to dispel
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