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Ubuntu 10.04 + VMware Workstation 6.5.x = VirtualBox

Remember the awkward workaround required to get VMware Workstation up and running on Ubuntu 9.10 by suppressing the error messages because the installer sucked? Yeah, so that still works on 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" but not to completion - that is to say, the installer will launch and run, but afterward it just shoots blanks. Workstation doesn't seem to know what a 2.6.32 kernel is best I can tell, nor can it real-time compile needed modules into the running kernel. Regardless, I can't get it to work on Ubuntu 10.04.
Many search terms think you want to run 10.04 on your Windows box. Ugh.
Come to think of it, VMware Workstation has been exceedingly limp at its offerings since 9.10, and even when it was installed there, many of the keyboard and/or cursor workarounds didn't work well. I don't know what's going on with that, but v7 doesn't seem to be the answer. It would appear on the surface that Ubuntu's aggressive 6-month release roadmap is wrecking havoc on VMware's more...lackadaisical approach.
Mostly though, I don't have time for this shit.
So here's what you can do if you've upgraded to 10.04 and need your Windows VM rfn: Install Sun's VirtualBox. No, its not a digital-era masturbatory interface; VirtualBox (and its F/OSS counterpart, VirtualBox-OSE (Open Source Edition)) is a freeware, proprietary-sourced Desktop virtualization product. We're going to discuss Sun's offering, not the repository-accessible "OSE" because we require USB support. And why do we care about it now? Because it can load and run all your VMware Workstation VMs.
With just a little help.
First of all you're going to need Dynamic Kernel Module Support - dkms: sudo apt-get install dkms then download VirtualBox for your architecture from (I know it sounds like a porn site, but the link is Safe For Work). Be sure to change your drive to "SCSI" as the default will load your *.vmdk file as IDE. Also, cat the *.vmdk file to verify you're using "busmaster" logic on that SCSI drive, as once again, the VirtualBox default is incorrect. It won't pick up your network setting (I use "Bridged") because it defaults to "NAT" so you'll need to change that as well if that's not what you're using (you can check this settings in the *.vmx file). Lastly - enable "IO/ACPI." Just do it. I know you don't want to, but its the last piece of the VMware Workstation-to-VirtualBox puzzle.
Voilà! You have a working VM on your 10.04 box.

Be aware that VirtualBox is about 900x slower than VMware.

Even when running on a 15k-rpm RAID-0 stripe on a separate controller.

And I'm a day behind, because this took me the better part of yesterday.

Suckle the fruits of my labor.
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