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The Wicked Witch of the West

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18, 2005: Worked late. After-hours move. Ate the best roast beef sammach on the market (Lion's Choice). Wife pulled in right behind me at the hotel that evening. Drank wine.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19, 2005: Carla navigated the family to the St. Louis Mills mall (Da Mills!) which ended in beer. Fantastic! Read a large portion of Wicked while drinking wine.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 20, 1005: The wife single-handedly transformed our small, 300 sq/ft (and that's being generous) hotel room into effcient living quarters for 4 in about eight hours. Unbelievable. Drank wine.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 21, 2005: drp in town. Had a dream that his wife and I were at my desk at work, conspiring about something at work, and he walked in - I was terrified. She joined him during his visit and sat across from me. I was on edge all day. So I drank some wine.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 22, 2005: Dreamed astro and I were walking around his 270 wooded acres making repairs to the house and outbuildings, driving an aging maroon Cadillac approximately 72 feet long. Later, he took off and Tony and I were hosting a busload of Army recruits on the property...until Lori's grandfather noticed that the ranks were wrong, and the lieutenant was not acting up to his responsibilities. It was an invasion force! Perhaps it was the wine?

Having a FANTASTIC week!

Tags: beer, dreams, galinda, hotel, stl, ties, wife
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