ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


As a child of Summer dancing barefoot in the grass
Running, laughing, marching
Along a garden path

Hours filled playing outdoors under a canopy of leaf
Limitless imagination
In the arboretum of belief

I'd frolic in the honeysuckle creeping atop the gate
Hanging, intertwined vines
Scented, fragrant, intake

All designed to draw me in; Siren's undeniable allure
Unmistakable promises of joy
Nowhere near demure

Too close to pull away from the reach of woven ensnare
Overwhelming hedonic tones
Fulfilling unknown prayers

Reacquiring lost innocence shan't ever be granted
'Tis the law of Nature
Knowledge having supplanted

And with open eyes premeditation naturally shall follow
Open petals; I drank in
Jin Yin Hua's moist nectar; swallow

Naiveté is not an oft-sought trait in men -"lost" a severe misnomer;
Wisdom's application zen, pleasure is company for a loner.
When I became a man, I put away childish things and closed the door of that chapter
I learned to appreciate what manhood brings and Love became my new captor.
Tags: poem


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