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A Headhunting I Will Go - MMFLIA!


Last weekend we hit the HALF-PRICE BOOKSTORE and for $5 a game, I got a legal copy (mind you, not four legal copies) of "Unreal Tournament 2004" as well as "UT2k3" (which turned out to be the best buy of the day as my son loves it for reasons I haven't been able to pin down yet - new maps as far as I can tell - not to mention the plethora of officially-sanctioned downloadable user-content), Gas-Powered Games "Dungeon Siege"-engined, "Space Siege" (which actually is going to require a second game-DVD purchase as I can't seem to crack the .exe allowing me to put it on two computers, but at $5 apiece who cares?) and a game I can load and *mostly* run, "Dungeon Lords." I also got my daughter an addicting Pop-Cap'esque game, "Jewel Quest II." I tell you, best $25 I've spent in ages. The kids and I gamed on-and-off both weekends.

Took a day off Thursday while the kids were still in school and we spent something like six hours in the mall. Well, I spent a lot of time holding my wife's purse outside the women's clothing stores at the mall, though I did score a Ghostbusters sticker for my car. A delightful lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and I was back at work Friday. Our weekends have been so full these last several weeks and its getting close to Summer break that the kids are full of energy and we're trying to temper that with activities. During my ass-groping episode at Costco I did find some nice Sit-Atop tandem kayaks. Would love to do that with the kids on the weekends, but honestly, we can't afford that and taekwondo. Maybe we'll find some for rent somewhere down the line and give it a try. I've really been working my arms on the Bowflex ever since they got called "spindly" by my lovely wife. Hrumph!

I had two very...we'll call them photorealistic dreams. In one, I was a Musketeer, sworn to protect the King of the United States but a new government had formed and declared itself legal, throwing out the old government. I felt bound to the old government and refused to give up my sword, though I was also very careful to keep it sheathed so I wouldn't appear to provoke. It was quite madding, me not wanting to slay my own countrymen, yet they were rabid in their cult-like extremism. When I awoke, and despite my love of State's rights and a smaller Federal government, I was glad we're not on the brink of civil war. There's a right way to do things, and a wrong way. Quite emotional, actually and led me to rethink my politics. Now that's an amazing dream!

The other was as bizarre as it was disturbing with a naked, 80-year-old Dick Van Dyke as a magical shapeshifter who held power over me while I came face-to-face with some apparently subconscious dilemmas to deal with. For the curious, it would appear that my id & super-ego are in perfect harmony with each other. So, no surprises. Go me!

What's the acronym for the opposite of FML?

I think I'll I'll coin MMFLIA!, "My Mother-Fucking Life is Awesome!"

Who you gonna call?
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