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Yes, that is a Korean flag hanging in my house. More specifically, the national flag of the Republic of Korea (ROK) - South Korea. Not to be confused with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) - North Korea. I only mention it because you might be surprised how many times I get asked.

Here we go:
From Wikipedia - the Do (道) means 'the way' or 'art' and Jang (場) means 'a place'. Which makes dojang the place where one practices the way. In the case of martial arts it is the place where one practices the path of that martial art, much like Dojo in Japanese.
So my wife and I re-arranged the house quite a bit this weekend for various reasons, and thankfully those individual components dovetailed nicely into the whole. Finished the dojang and was floored when both my children spent over an hour, very maturely "training." One would hold the paddles and suggest a combination of kicks while the other kicked, and they assessed and gently corrected each other as well - without arguing! UNHEARD OF. Kicks lead to punches led to stances...they stayed very focused during the most serious and rigorous training session I've seen them do outside of class. All without a word from us.

I was even more surprised to see them practice their poomse, or forms during this time; something they are loathe to do because at their age they see no benefit in doing so. SHOCK AND AWE.

A father couldn't be more proud.


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