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I never learned to effectively strafe, and this has been my undoing in many games. I was never really a "gamer." My mother was married, and they didn't have a basement. Besides, I love the sniper rifle, and dislike games in which its an ineffective weapon.

Looking to play "something else" (my son's blanket catch-phrase since he was two) I scoured teh net for FPS ideas and ran across several which listed, "Serious Sam" as a good coop for the 10-and-under crowd. Though I was initially turned off by the amount of gore and dismemberment (especially for that age group!) I'm a huge fan of games which let you control the amount, so I disabled both and we let'er rip.

I haven't been that "on-edge" in a very long time. There were many monsters to fight - each with a frighteningly unique audible cue which cased my adrenal glands to shit secrete themselves at each level - every wave of mindless hordes came with increasing difficulty and within the huge, nearly limitless environments in which we traversed, often from afar doing little to assuage my impending doom.

What a great game. What a freaking mowfest!

We finished the game.


And he's playing through it a third time with his sister.

Also, I can strafe now :D

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