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Redneck World

Take a poor, nearly-desolate Southern town, string up a chain-link fence in disrepair around some neighborhoods with condemned houses in them, build a towering casino-like replica of the Taj Mahal and presto - welcome to Redneck World (not its real name, more a description really) where this week was hosting: UFO CON! Believe it or not, only a few people from various backgrounds were attending UFO CON, an aliens & supernatural occurrences convention with speakers on a wide-range of topics to be held in the convention center inside the Taj Mahal replica.

In my dream, this is where my wife and I went on our vacation.

With quicksilvermad.

And her mother.

And my mother.

But not our kids.

Anyway - in my dream my mom and her mom were best friends, so rather than attend the speeches at the UFO CON, they stayed in the hotel room...and gave each other pedicures and facials - while they gossiped. My wife and I "went out" to "see the town" which was basically a bus tour of the an old, decrepit bus - with my son's 4th grade teacher moonlighting as a tour guide. We were in a gray bus in gray town under a gray sky with no real landmarks. It was boring tour, exacerbated by how listless our bored tour guide was as she droned on about nothing.

Frustrated, I made a break for it and jumped off the bus the next time the doors opened and tried to run away and find things to take pictures of. I had my camera around my neck with the flash deployed but there just wasn't enough ambient light in the drab neighborhood. Furthermore, all the rusty chain-link fences and open cesspools of dirty water forced my path back to the center of the town where the bus driver laughed at me because I'd exerted all that effort and hadn't gotten anywhere at all. It didn't improve my mood any.

quicksilvermad spent nearly all of her time sitting in the folding chairs set up in the grand hall at the convention center so she wouldn't miss any of the back-to-back speeches by people who had actually been abducted by aliens. There were breaks every once in a while where people would mill around and meet each other, talk about supernatural things which they've experienced first hand, then sit back down and listen to the next speech. She saved seats for my wife and I, but we only sat in on a couple.

Then it was time to rise and sing hymns.

Was this a church service, or a UFO conference?

Turns out it was a little of both.

Just like in real life.

Then I awoke.
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