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I've heard that skunks make great pets - something between a cat & a ferret, but more docile than either. That is to say once their highly-accurate anal "sacks" are removed, otherwise there is surely hell to pay.

I first saw this little guy early last week on a walk around the neighborhood - I take one every evening, 1.5 miles in about 20 minutes. I remember this day in particular because I rarely walk it alone. Remember that scene in the new Star Trek where Kirk climbs from the pod he was ejected out of the Enterprise onto the sixth planet of the Hoth system? He starts walking to the outpost and something catches his eye so he turns around and tries to make out what it is he saw? Then they zoom into this running, screaming beast? Yeah, it was like that for me, but mostly because these things move so foreign to what I'm used to seeing. And it was broad daylight. Because I'd been playing hours and hours of "Serious Sam" I was already on edge because of the stampeding buffalo, so I ran from it. Like a little girl I ran.

I hear those those things can hit a fly on a fence-post at 15-feet.

Yesterday, that little guy showed up in my backyard. This time, he didn't seem so ferocious. There's been talk around the neighborhood that it might be recently abandoned domesticated skunk. The only issue I have with that is how the hell you'd find out? Sure it looks soft and cuddly now, but I'm not going to approach it to find out if it sprays or not!

Here's the little guy:

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