ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


When we first met I was drawn into your world and you showed me its wonders. We touched, and your uniqueness was imprinted on me; an indelible mark allowing me to see things around me as you saw them.

Seeing life through you
On top of you
Inside of you
Experiencing you

The world through your eyes.

When I experience things as you, its as if you're still here - touching me, guiding me - helping me understand the joy you found in everything you did. I see the sort of consequences-free passion you approached life with.

Though at the time I thought it a fault, I am forever changed because of it.

You said I'd one day understand, but I didn't know you would be gone when it finally happened.

Because the only thing I could never see as you...

...was you.
Tags: poem

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