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So Say We All

It's cold here. Damn cold. When I'm wearing my "Ear Grips" (which I refer to as "Ear Slips" due to poor design)...

I feel a lot like Lando Calrissian's little gay cyborg friend, Lobot...

Lots of snow today. Little girl was up last night with fever, so didn't go to school today. Lori stayed home with her, so I took the boy to school, arriving at work two hours late. Because of the snow, I left work after only two hours, to trek back across town to retrieve him. The roads were slushy and slippery. Snow was blowing like mad. By the time I got back to the office, I discovered why I couldn't turn my wheels...the ice was caked underneath the wheel wells.

I lost the thumb drive work gave me, but found the one USDA gave me before I left. A word about removable media. If using your non-work device, refrain from inserting it during a presentation to Vice Presidents on the computer controlling the 60-inch plasma display if you keep your son's "Power Rangers" folder on it. It raises eyebrows.

So, I promised this VP that we would provide 10 new Blackberry users Blackberry training today. Funny thing, we didn't receive the Blackberries. Nonplussed, I assured her the training would proceed as planned. I'm having one of my guys pantomime a handheld device for the duration. I can't wait!
Tags: kids, rangers, star wars
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