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The Real Reality

With my precious time away from work being divided between household responsibilities, my wife, my children, my hopes, dreams & desires - television rarely rears its ugly head into my existence (though I am excited about the new Rizzoli & Isles; more on that in a future post). Nonetheless, I do occasionally get to sit down in my chair in the evenings, in my room, next to my wife who is by this time undoubtedly creatively working on some sewing project in front of the television. That's what I watch - whatever it is she's watching. Admittedly, its usually something on HGTV/DIY, the new "self help" psychology which, unlike its feel-good psycho-babble predecessors, can actually assist you in your household hobbies or endeavors.

When WOMAN HITLER (anagram for Mother-In-Law) last visited, she had missed some episodes of Hell's Kitchen and asked if I could find them online for her. This was easily accomplished, and I sat and watched them with her. Those who aren't familiar with the series, it follows the culinary adventures of real-life chef Gordon Ramsey as he curses, threatens, curses, belittles, curses and threatens again would-be chefs in a "reality show" elimination cooking contest.


I guess. Like the hit-television series House they put up with his antics because he's really good. And we all know how I feel about that.

One evening I sat down and Planet Green's Future Foods was on. Basically, you have these zany, good-natured chefs who love invention and find new ways to create high-end, restaurant-quality "sustainable" foods out of almost nothing at all using science. I was immediately drawn-in and fascinated at what these guys were doing and how. They've surrounded themselves with free-thinking geniuses who they turn loose with a secondary challenge while they attack a main course in an outside-the-box scenario and the episodes culminate with this food being served to actual customers and their subsequent feedback.

What fun!

Which made me realize one thing. If these guys can be this successful being friendly and outgoing, why can't Gordon Ramsey? The sad truth is that Gordon Ramsey is just a dick. No bones about it. Between his good food and putting up with him being an asshole, and these other guys good food and not being assholes...well, I'd take the other guys ten times out of ten. Hell, I'd take them even if their food was substandard to Gordon Ramsey's. Gordon Ramsey is just a prick.

I was at the dealership Monday getting an oil change when the manager emerged. How did I know he was the manger? He looked like an asshole. He had his hands on his hips and he was barking orders to some younger salesmen under his breath. Several years ago I walked into a dealership to get my permanent license plates on a new car I had purchased and had asked one of the passing suited men to assist me. He immediately agreed, promised to be right back, called all the salesmen on the floor to his office, chewed their ass that I was not immediately approached, and sent one after me.

My thought at the time was that if he really were as concerned as he appeared, he would've taken care of my needs first. I even considered mentioning that to him. Surely you can run a successful dealership without being an asshole. Then again, I'm surprised that the institution is even allowed to exist in liberal America.

Maybe its because assholes are running things?

At any rate, I'll be glad when we, as a society, stop lending credence to shows like Hell's Kitchen and start exalting programming which lifts up, rather than tears down.
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