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My God

My God is a brilliant statistician and the greatest anthropologist who ever existed
His vast accumulation of data proves His word has been perverted over a millena of word-of-mouth
It would therefore be foolish for us to accept Him on faith alone.

My God is a masterful philosopher who created sentience and cognition
His immeasurable depth of knowledge has proven mankind is incapable of understanding His will
Seek therefore if you must in respectful silence; thou shalt not proselytize.

My God is omnipotent - were he to speak to me he wouldn't hide his visage in a cheese sandwich
He has the magnificent self-given ability to present Himself to me unequivocally
And not lay upon me the burden to prove his existence to you based on my own experience.

My God is a benevolent God who frowns upon those who preach eternal damnation
His ages of ageless time-passing mock our feeble attempts to conceptualize His astronomic existence
His sadness of our hate and ignorance is eclipsed only by those who mask self-righteousness with humility.
My God puts the souls of angels in kittens and in puppies, too
They watch over us, these keepers of universal balance
Our comforters, at the ready - day and night
My God has filled the sky with a symphony of color and sound and done everything in His power to arm me with the tools I need to be happy and succeed and has turned me loose in this world with His protectors by my side.

Everything else is up to me.
Tags: ignorance, philosophy, poem

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