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Dumped snow here all day last Thursday. Slush Friday. Ice Saturday. Car looked as if it had been dusted with ash from top to bottom. Washed the car Sunday. Snowed yesterday, slush today. Car looks as if it has been dusted with ash from top to bottom.

Began re-hydration cycle Monday morning after the past weekend's gin activities. Did drink a bottle of acidic white zinfandel which brimmed with alkali foam. Why I drank the entire bottle regardless of this fact is beyond me. I'm actually surprised I made it in the office this morning, as it assaulted my gut last night as if I'd been knifed.

Because I'm a hell of a guy, and want to make a good impression on my new folks, I volunteered to carry the Executive On-Call Blackberry, the instant direct link to an IT professional for Director's and above...or their admins. For the duration between Thanksgiving and New Years. Even if a VP's son is trying to download music, and loses his wireless connection, we're there. But I digress. So I get a call at 0654.

"I.S., this is Eric." I answer.
"Hi, this is....what's that noise?" She asks.
"Ah, that would be the shower." I inform her.
"Are you in the"
"Yes ma'am."
"I...uh, don't feel comfortable talking with you while you're in the shower."
"I can appreciate that." I offer.

Been hanging out with the nuns a lot lately. Not while I'm drinking gin of course. Other times.

Watched "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" with the kids last night.

So, since the kids have no concept of time, days, weeks, months, or even years, we're letting them go Christmas shopping the day after Christmas at Toys 'R Us, since all the toys will be discounted and I'm off that day. Another brilliant plan of the wife!

CDW just delivered a GIGANTIC can of Dutch shortbread cookies...later!
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