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It started innocently enough. Then again, doesn't it always?

My son thought batting would be fun.

So I bought a Little League baseball bat this past weekend. Which, BTW aren't nearly as inexpensive as you'd think they are. I'm just saying.

I remember when I bought him his glove. We threw the ball nearly four years ago in Saint Louis. That didn't go well. I guess he was too young. Just in case, I haven't brought it up since. But over the last week or so, he's wanted to throw the ball around. We dusted off our gloves and did just that. Sister too. But he also wanted to bat.

We found ourselves at Dick's at The Village in Fairview (read: Allen) and it ended up that Monday after work we split into two small teams what with a couple of neighborhood friends over. That went really well and we did it again Tuesday and again Wednesday. drax0r got wind of this and came over Thursday with his boy, and since one of the neighborhood kids was gone I grabbed another neighborhood kid. Who brought his cousin. And his cousin's brother. We finally had a full outfield.

With something like nine of us out there playing, many of the other neighbors stopped by to watch, if only for a moment. And some of the parents. And a girlfriend - who was our cheering section. It reminded me of the impromtu games of my youth in Wise County when a whole group of grownups and kids would just somehow...gather...out at the old elementary school and start a pick-up game. Soon old men would arrive in their pickup trucks to watch. Some would bring water. Others would bring ice cold watermelon. And this was in the late 80s! Yet it was reminiscent of what you'd think the 50s were. Black & white T.V. Apple Pie.

I'm glad to be "that" dad.

What a freaking blast.

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