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Dulled Senses

The 1968 Dodge Coronet 440

Wherever does the time go?

I've started reading The Hobbit to my children. Again. There's not many of you left here who remember when I attempted this back in 07. They weren't ready then - but despite my youngest's protestations, she managed to giggle quite a bit at the trolls in Chapter Two. Or at least the Cockney accent I gave them - either way, its a start.

My next door neighbor, who is a gadget-freak and bought the iPhone 4 the day it came out, sold us his 3G. The timing was perfect, as my wife's phone was getting a little long in the tooth and she'd mentioned looking to replace it. I simply put her SIM car in it and she's up and running - no data plan, but we have wifi at the house so she's thrilled. I'm only a little jealous, because its way cooler than the blackberry.

I dreamed last night two of my long-time coworkers, both with engineering backgrounds (Yo, SJ! & Ernest), had discovered a new unix operating system and had written a program for it. They were eager to try it out but had no hardware. I'd come home late to find them standing in my house arguing, so dusted off my rx2600 to present to them. It loaded like IRIX but looked a lot like BeOS. Weird.

I was late because I was in high school again! God I hated that. I was all like, "Now what." Anyway, so there I was, much as I am today, 40-years-old, and I'm in high school. I found I had zero tolerance for the drama, so just cynically made my way from class to class without speaking to anyone. My only friend - Chris Richardson - another real life coworker - was a band geek, and I didn't want to be caught dead anywhere near the band room. Or whatever that place is called where they practice their instruments. By the time I found him, most everyone else has left - the parking lot was mostly empty. We both lived in Rhome (which is where I *actually* lived when I was attending high school) which is why he was riding with me, but the high school was MASSIVE and had seven inter-connected parking lots...My 1968 Dodge Coronet 440 was in the last one.

I'm burning the covers of my spooky albums onto the surface of their respective discs with lightscribe, but as I inserted Interlunation: Lullabies of the Damned it was identified in Gracenote as "Four-Day Workweeks: Legal And Practical Guidance For Employers."

I've been working odd hours and weekends, evenings, overnights and whatnot this week and last, not to mention a summer cold which knocked me out of work two days last week. Once again I find myself behind the curve where my livejournal FL is concerned. Thankfully a lot of you post also to Facebook and Twitter which both go directly to my blackberry, but I do plan to settle in this weekend a little bit and catch up.

And maybe drink a little beer.

The HP Integrity rx2600
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