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Sisters! Are Doing it for Themselves...

Went to the nuns home again, this time to install a 128MB stick of DDR RAM in their new Dell, install a Christmas present one of them bought for the others (PrintShop 16, which had a bad 4th CDROM, so re-installation sometime prior to Christmas), and install some digital camera software for one of the sister's new digital camera. Galinda ended up showing her how to use the camera and the software, while I disabled Offline Files to enable Fast User Switching and give them all admin rights (so they could run defrag). At one point they brought me a bowl of 'spicy' chili. She said, "I made two. One hot, one not."
"This is the NOT?" I asked? At that point the sister who spent time in El Paso hollers, "I told you so!"

Busy day at work (what else is new), but we have Friday and Monday off, so no complaints there. Came home and Lori had rented Brother's Grimm and was watching it on teh max0r - going to finish it up tomorrow while little girl watches Teletubbies in the morning. She pulled her out of "La Petite Academy" as it was $100 a week for her to color and watch movies (which is what she does here) and Fantastic Four as the boy is out of school all next week. Maybe I'll get to watch that one too.

Got to chit-chat briefly with drax0r and danzigfried this evening, which is always a treat. But alas, I do believe it's time for bed.
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