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Dungeon Siege III

Posted on 2010.10.26 at 07:15
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celtmanx sent me a link to the pre-order of the forthcoming Dungeon Siege III.

Having zero knowledge of a third installment, I excitedly read through the page.

Then came to what they're calling a "Product Feature:"

Uncover a deep story that only Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment can deliver

Seeing that the first two games were cutting-edge RPG engines and storyline from Gas-Powered Games (released through Microsoft) I had to ask myself, "Who the fuck are Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment?"

Apparently someone else bought the rights to the franchise and Square Enix develops games I *don't* play.

So Amazon, dude. NOT a feature.


michelle1963 at 2010-10-27 02:52 (UTC) (Link)
Hmmm. I always enjoy commenting on your posts, but most of this one is meaningless to me. :-)
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