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My dad is a big fan of glee. I was only aware of it peripherally, so when he pressed the first season into my hands and insisted I watch it, a synopsis followed. I had to admit, it sounded like something I would enjoy.

I remember when Chicago came to the big screen - I was working in Wichita at the time and talked all my coworkers into going to the premiere with me, which they did - albeit reluctantly. Looking back, I'm surprised they went at all. From the first song to the last, I spent the entire time dancing in my chair and singing along - after all, I knew all the songs. They spent the majority of the film And rather unkindly at that.

I sat on glee for nearly a month before watching the pilot. And was immediately enamored. Oh, its nothing I haven't seen before - in fact, its a lot like the sum of all television I've ever watched. In that light it can be a little confusing recalling specifics, but the music...the music is great.

And it helps that I know every song they play.

And sing along.

Dad was right.
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