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It's life Jim, but not as we know it.

Found a 3-foot Texas Rat Snake recently, 6-inches from my parent's front door. I did not recognise it as poisonous, but the fact that all 15 species of poisonious snakes reside in Texas, it had just eaten (take a look at the size of the rat in it's belly!), it's predatory eye placement, it's triangular shaped head, and the fact that it coiled and started striking at me led me to kill it because my children were playing outisde. Sad really, I like Texas snakes, as they eat rodents and such. Needless to say, poisonous or not, I did not want them biting my kids.

In other news, I popped a floor tile today in the Data Center at work only to find the 220V outlets sitting in a quarter-inch of water. Talk about freaking out. I wanted to start shutting machines down! As it was, we called facilities and they were able to dispatch a clean-up team without disruption. An ageing Leibert "gravity fed" HVAC had become clogged and leaked it's condensation. Could have been a lot worse. Tony is out sick, so here I sit, alone.

I have two servers to build, though I doubt if I'll get them both build tonight. One, a SPARCstation 5 with 256MB RAM and the Fujistu TurboSPARC 170MHz chip will be placed at a buddies house who's got fiber installed. How exactly to implement Sun's new TCP stack into Solaris 9 9/04, I don't know, but I will find out. The second, an old 60MHz dual-processor SPARCstation 10, Tony volunteered me to build for an aspiring programmer in college who wants to learn unix. It's going to cost a fortune to mail, as they are made out of cast iron. My E250 doesn't weigh as much!

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