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No, I'm not a surveillance nut. Yes, I am somewhat of a geek. So despite knowing I wouldn't be able to immediately fly this 'expert' level helicopter, and having researched ahead of time the shitty quality of its 320x240 video (the 60MB on-board flash memory holds about 5-minutes of usable video or "100's" (according to the advert) of 640x480 still photos), I couldn't turn down the opportunity to pick up the AirHog HAWKEYE when I saw it on sale at Toys 'R Us.

Trimming the bastard took nearly a full day of my time with its 5-minutes of flight time for every 45-minute charge, and 15-minutes required after flight and prior to charge for battery cool-down. Needless to say, I haven't had much time to train and its been a bit dodgy flying outside with the unusual amount of wind we've had the last couple of days.

Nonetheless, I was able to cobble together about 180 seconds of video shot over three days to bring you my first compilation. The first two minutes twenty seconds are picture-in-picture of two simultaneous cameras - my Canon capturing the HAWKEYE (and at times, vice-versa). At 2:22 you get a brief aerial shot of my neighborhood. This is followed by a mostly jerky fly-through of my house slaloming around the columns, skimming the top of the Bowflex, and "running the canyon" before a glorious crash into the side of the refrigerator on a turn I couldn't make.

This morning I achieved 69-seconds of stable, sustained flight.


Still too windy to fly outside :(

Aeriel view of my neighborhood at 2:22

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