ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Success in Heroic Couplet

As the hunter who hunts her I announce in thunder to those who have wondered how I continue to gain or at least maintain without disdain on a daily basis in my own oasis.

A doer of deeds who fails more than he succeeds is the greatest of these for lofty goals are richer than gold when acted on post-haste you learn from your mistakes.

He who yaps at this and that even with the facts isn't all that when tales of feats fall at the feet of those who've done what you've only claimed in a strain for fame.

A hollow man bellows, the meek's a fine fellow - behold where the bold go no one else dares its really not fair to suggest that the hare can't outpace the tortoise's race.

Simply put you see, to you from me, if you wish to succeed without further ado do as I do and do more for you instead of worrying about things which can't change.
Tags: poem

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