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Orange Ranger

My son asked me several weeks ago, "Is there such thing as an Orange Power Ranger?" Based on the long running series, there is not, and I let him know as much. He then mentioned the possibility, based on an Japanese anime clip I downloaded for him last year showing an obese Yellow Ranger flanked by a Purple Ranger. I had to give him that. So I begin my research. Apparently, S.P.D. was the first series to feature an Orange Ranger, but it was only a fabrication of Boom, the "Official Gadget Tester" at S.P.D. Headquarters, who was a ranger washout at the Academy. His parents were coming to visit, and he'd never told them he'd flunked out of ranger school. So the team helped propagate the myth that he was the Orange Ranger while his parents were in town. Google had no images of this abomination, but I was able to find the episode on torrent. Unfortunately, the on-again-off-again single seed maintained no greater than 1K download speeds for several weeks. It finished sometime overnight. This impeccable timing, as my wife and daughter are planning a Girls Night out, overnight with a coworker, leaving my son excited for a "Boys Night" with Daddy this weekend. He's had his list planned for a week now: Watch Power Rangers, play Power Rangers, eat Taco Bell, and watch "Good Ole Boys" (what he calls The Dukes of Hazzard.) He's very excited about the Orange Ranger episode (Episode 16).

For several years, I drove a 1976 Am General Jeep DJ-5. That's right, the right-hand drive mail jeep version. Because it was an AM General, I thought if I painted it McDonnell-Douglas olive drab, it too, could look like military Hummer. So I did. It didn't look like a Hummer, no, oddly enough, it looked like an olive drab mail jeep. That puzzled me for years. Point is, we just bought a $38,000 house for $85,000, and I want to paint it like a half-million dollar house I saw on a glossy placard for Behr paint. At least this time I won't be disappointed when it still looks like a $38,000 house.

It's BSG time.
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