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Nesting Virtual Machines

Because vmware + ubuntu no longer play nice, nor ubuntu + vpn, it was with several hours and a heavy sigh that over my single 3G-downgraded-to-EDGE AirCard through an additional VPN tunnel I first booted the base operating system (ubuntu 9.10) launched my VMware workstation guest (WindowsXP), and attempted to bring up the ESX vSphere client - but since vSphere clients + (dot).NET don't play nice either (can't we all just get along?), I had to move the machine.config file from another Windows box which runs it. The only other one that I use is under my desk, so I ssh'd into it (ubuntu 10.04), started VNCserver, pulled that over my virtual guest, and successfully launched its virtual WindowsXP client!

Which promptly segfaulted.

Nested virtual machines are made of fail. I launched one, to bring up another, to launch a third. It really isn't as elegant as it sounds confined to 1024x768 because vmware + ubuntu aren't cognizant of each other. Six hours of work today and in the end I accomplished nothing.

My next laptop is going to be 64-bit with twice the RAM and I'm going to attempt something a little more sane if I can beat that overzealous hulking VirtualBox1 into submission (VirtualBox = My Bitch?)

I hates it, I do. But something has to give.

1 - No, its not a digital-era masturbatory interface; VirtualBox (and its F/OSS counterpart, VirtualBox-OSE (Open Source Edition)) is a freeware, proprietary-sourced Desktop virtualization product.
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