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Let me tell you, the Big JC ain't got nothing on me. Water into wine? Amateur. I have turned wine directly into sugar. Sugar I say! For those of you who missed the "DOES NOT EQUAL" sign in my expression yesterday, I've even managed to *store* the sugar I've manifested from wine directly into the cells in my body! Now that's impressive. Much like Johnny Mnemonic, I am using my body as a storage unit. Pretty neat stuff here. Some would even call it a miracle.

That being said, I've given myself three weeks to lose the 10-pounds (and 1-inch) I've gained from the inordinate amount of boxed wine I've consumed since August. Why? Elementary, really. SO I CAN DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN! Getting up every morning for a one-hour P90X routine is difficult at best, but feels so good at the end of the workout, at the end of the day, and at the end of the week. Coupled with the "Naturally Slim" way of eating these three weeks, I'll reach my goal just in time to crack open a beautiful box of wine (or three) during the Christmas holidays! Ho, ho, ho.

You see, my last visit to Newton was a formal handshake. My next trip I'm going to treat like a second date. I want to hunker down and fortify my position. Or myself. The ground-rules have been laid and now its time to circumnavigate the perimeter and test the defenses. There's still lots to be done, see, and do, so I hope to mix business with pleasure and drink some wine. By the time I get there, it'll have been something like FIVE WEEKS WITHOUT <-- That's a long time, FYI. For me.

I still don't know how everything is going to unfold, but given my effusive flexibility, I really don't care. Wine? Check. Women? Check. Song? Abso-freaking-lutely. Which brings me to my next project I hope to have completed in the next fortnight or so - "A Touch of Goth Xmas" mix! I'm still pouring over my iTunes library, ripping older tracks from my physical CDs and awaiting for some to arrive (based on what I've heard in preview, I'm planning on incorporating Clint Mansell's Black Swan which has already shipped - yay) and I found the spookiest "The Carol of the Bells" out of 150 choices - I shit you not, "The Von Trapp Children" <--- WTF?!?!?! Also, Darth Vader reading John 3:16. What a treat!

Work this week has been fantastic - mostly because of the fun and relaxing week prior; I'm on call next week - that can get tough; then one more week with my tongue in the rifling groove of the barrel before abject bliss. Its times like these, here at work, which make the future so very exciting.

So what are YOU doing this month???

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