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Hell Week

Friday night was BSG night, following probably the worst week I've had at work since I started. Now, let me first qualify that. I had director on my ass all week long, making my group look incompetent as each new request from her went to my management team, in the form of a reprimand to the quality of our previous work, as we worked to compile a spreadsheet of information she had asked for. What a pain. Sure, we'd identified inaccuracies in the database, but we were working to correct that. It wasn't going to happen overnight. On the flip side, now that I am no longer responsible for the National Security of this nation, and no one's life is in imminent danger, I refuse to overreact to a spreadsheet. I mean, I'm going to do my job, and do the best job I can do everyday, but freaking-out over a spreadsheet just isn't my idea of sanity.

Back to BSG night. somebritinmass had turned me on to "French 75" a drink composed of 1-part gin and 4-parts champagne. He warns me though, "It's got quite a kick, so be careful." We sit to watch BSG and I make three, one for myself, and one each for catttitude and ...who don't care for them. So I drink them all. And pass out on the couch. The next evening, I try a new drink. It's called WATER. And oh, what a sweet drink that is. From this point forward, I will never mix gin and champagne.

Watched Underworld and Mr. & Mrs. Smith this weekend. Mr. & Mrs. Smith was a delightful mix between True Lies, War of the Roses, and Prizzi's Honor, but Underworld disappointed me after reading about the rich gifts both vampires and lycanthopes have and how they battle each other and use their differing powers to both hurt each other and heal themselves in Laurell K. Hamilton's "Anita Blake Vampire Hunter" series of books. Underworld had the two groups simply shooting guns at each other. How very disapointing.

Got to my hotel to find that my room had flooded. Fortunately, none of my computers or electronics were damaged, however, they had no suites available in which we could move into. So, we picked everything up off the soaked floor, packed somme clean clothes, and moved in with Carla. The manager is going to call me tomorrow with my options, however, the lady at the front desk assured me I would not be charged for this day. Wow. I have to move 1000 pounds of household goods and food and clothing to sustain 4 people, but I'll save $57.99. Just between you and me, I'd pay twice that to avoid moving.

Oh, and for those who found this entry a tad verbose, I implore you to check out ProfessorTom's single-word blog entry. He's out to change the blogging community with his bold new vision.
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