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Part Two: Glamour

"Doesn't it upset you that he flirts with every girl he meets?" My mother asked. My wife looked over and considered me, out of earshot, visiting gaily with my father. I'd been searching since she'd known me. For what, she did not know. "Signs of intelligence" my clone would one day tell me.

"No. Its not just women. He engages everyone." she replied. My mother was responding, but her gaze made her way back to me. What was it I was looking for?

What I was seeking, I cannot say - but finding it was immediate and powerful and irrevocable. The effects were analogous to Fairy Blood; two individuals, drawn inexplicably toward one another, before instantaneously imprinting upon each other when activated by proximity. It nearly dropped me to my knees. And for two empirical-to-a-fault people to have experienced this simultaneously and seemingly indiscriminately is nothing short of puzzling.

Those who know me know my resting thoughts run about a thousand miles an hour. Well, over the past nine days that has increased a hundred-fold. To the rest of the world I must appear as but a blur, against a landscape of solid color while I watch the sun rise and set in the blink of my eye while attempting to process, catalog and identify everything which has transpired as it was such an overwhelmingly abrupt and unexpected change.

The question "why" was far easier to answer than how. Why became self-evident. How was beyond our scope of experience, and between the two us, we have a lifetime of it. Still, no answers presented themselves, and the data returned no clues. It simply was. With that lost to us, we began to run down the collateral damage, and it was extensive.

Dropped tablespaces in all the production databases, hacked code inserted into the primary systems, corrupted boot sequences and the backend cron rules had changed without updating the syntax of the commands. Everything was running either out of order or not at all. Offsite backups had been damaged and the bit bucket had upturned spilling binary data pieces everywhere! On the plus side, these two standalone systems curiously formed a cluster and began using distributed computing across both backplanes, activating unused CPUs and initializing memory-on-demand. The individual machines were running better than they ever had on their own, but its old data was useless. There were microcode fixes and firmware updates too. Old, cobbled programming rewritten in an instant to run more efficiently, and without error. Broken software dependencies either resolved or deprecated. And a myriad of upgrades we're still attempting to discover.

There's a lot of work yet to be done, and learning how to best utilize this newfound power is at the top of our list. Its not going to be easy, but nothing else can be done. To break the cluster now, would destroy not just the whole, but the individual parts as well - this new creation must continue to exist, to run, and its running very, very hot.

My wife said to me, "I'm glad you found what you were looking for, and I'm very happy with who you found it in." What more could any husband hope for from his wife? Wholly sated with nothing left to seek is entirely new to me and is going to take some getting used to, but in absolutely the best way possible.
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