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Clone Dynamics


I was familiar with the Kirschman Principle long before I was aware of Clone Dynamics as it comes from my wife's lineage and she's an active practitioner. But it was only after meeting her blood-cousin in which I became aware of the concept it governs, as I was ensnared and inexorably bound (whether or not by witchcraft or other supernatural means falls outside the scope of this discussion) to the blood-cousin in the presence of my spouse, which began my decent into the spotty history linking the equilibrium.

Clone Dynamics is governed solely by the Kirschman Principle [translated to Latin from the old Germanic tongue] Operor haud vulnero exsisto conscius (Be aware; do no harm), which states you can minimize unintentional damage due to negligence by respecting origination point in relationship to your current surroundings at all times. In short, being able to not only pinpoint your locational data within a senary-planed existence, but also understand the interpersonal and geo-political atmosphere before acting, for this knowledge is essential.

Clone Dynamics is a methodology to identify and oversee the smooth operation betwixt all manner of Monozygotic Twins, Full & Half-Clones, Near-Clones, Natural-Clones and Lesser Abominations. While the original text passed on from the Kirschman line is generations old, due to the blasphemous nature of the ruleset, it was only allowed to be passed by word of mouth to prevent the dire consequences information of this nature solicits from the corruption of the religious leadership-class.

My own understanding of Clone Dynamics did not come from the lips of the blood-cousin, who herself remembered very little of her own telling from her great-grandfather but rather the genetic code imprint I experienced at our bonding. Within us it awakened and more through trial-and-error than scientific method (though at times that too was employed) we've managed to bang out a semblance of this sacred text and record it here, for the first time in history, to hopefully lay the groundwork for other clones, should they still exist.

  • Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder - While your clone may have many flaws, either in character or physical attribute, by laws of Clone Dynamics you will be unable to see them. Catalog what you can and commit them to memory in case these identified-but-unseen shortcomings may be of help or hindrance when applicable. To your eyes your clone will always appear perfect.

  • The Fire which Feeds - Do not ever rely on your clone to deescalate an increasingly risky situation. There are many, more level-headed people who are much better suited to do that for you. Surround yourself with them, even if they consider *you* the one slow to anger. Your clone will always be on your side during any external conflict.

    • Never use your clone as your moral compass. You'll be fucked.

  • The Ties which Bind - Your clone has a complementary power to your own, which will increase the range, dynamicism, and output of both you and your clone's power once bonding has occurred. Additionally, a very powerful new combined `proximity` power will be at your disposal, unique to each cloned pair. Use with caution until mastered.

    • Use of power on clone renders your power inert. Do not attempt.

  • Babylonian Towers - Most communication will occur telepathically, however, you need a physical medium to make the initial connection. This can be the spoken word, or writing. Many people will not comprehend the gibberish you utter or write, nor will you after the connection is broken.

    • Train yourself to be cognizant of those around you. Loved ones will think they've disappeared entirely otherwise.

  • Genetic Trust - Once a bonding has taken place, implicit trust between you and your clone is automatically and irrevocably established. Nothing can, or will, ever threaten this bond.

  • Apposition Eye - Bonded connection allows you to experience visual & emotional content through the eyes of your clone. To see and experience things as they do. Even yourself.

  • Pendulum Suspension - Connections can consume approximately one month per day. Prolonged connection is necessary for new bondings. After initialization however, connections are not required active full-time. Use sparingly.

  • Carnal Bonding - The ultimate expression of cloneness. Nothing experienced hitherto even comes close. Bonuses awarded for same-sex clone-sex: +10 strength male+male; +10 energy female+female.

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