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American Gods

Manifested from the roots of Germanic imagination exist I
Pagan rhythmic ritualistic explosions of color and sound
I am the god of prowess, Austri - the spirit of light
And annually found fit to be re-crowned.

To inseminate the goddess of fertility Ostara each season
A burden I willfully and gladly will bear
With the fanfare and gravity of generations of kings
Anthropomorph into the March Hare

My function is to polish, embellish and deliver
For as long as I remember, for as far back as I know
Armored impregnated ovum to make-believe children
To never ever question the status quo.

A make-believe world existing within our own minds
A fantasy world filled with lessons and morals
A utopia of sorts to balance the hatred
A paradise sought like never before

Imagine then the weight of the shock of my life
While vacationing off-season adjacent my wife
To discover a crack in the thin veil's seal
To find that that make-believe world was real!
Tags: clone, hatred, poem

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