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Subniveal Nymphs

First the lighteningstorm came; cue the sky. Great booming thunder right on time, syncopated against the meteorologist's prediction - a timing not seen before, nor since. Simultaneously exciting and calming in its display of sheer, unbridled power.

Then the ice fell from the sky in sheets; sleet, pelting against the bedroom windows in a drumming tip-tap suggestive of a causal request for entry, promising much more. Cathrine home from the moors, wishing to be let in. Rain to frozen rain covering the ground and building upon each other like molecules when the universe created itself.

Three days the stillness took us, captivated us in an encased prison the likes I haven't seen since the Dallas Ice Storm of 1978...and then the snow fell. Enormous flakes gathering like a tidal wave, absorbing all ambient sound as if manifesting a tonal black-hole void of sonic influences.

In its midst - VPN and production tasks, rolling blackouts and spectacular exploding backup generators - enter a plea to the Department of Energy via the DoD; my wife & my clone both present - I am accounted for. Very well accounted for.

Tags: poem

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