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I dreamed last night that I was laying in bed with my son, and we fell into the lake, bed & all. So there I am, laying on my bed with my son, as we slowly (and perpendicularly I might add) sink. Well low and behold, we could breathe this water, and I kept thinking, "Fascinating!" but my son was all, "Why is there water? What's the difference between a lake an an ocean? Where do volcano's live? Where's the bottom?" I explained that the bottom was the bottom, and it was a very long way down. Then we landed. I sat up in bed, and sure enough, there was the floor of the lake. It looked like the floor of my house. I found my canvas Polo shoes (I wondered where those had gone!), several shirts I hadn't seen in a long time, and some of my son's toys. I got off the bed tentatively (I was barefoot, didn't want to stand on the squishy floor of the lake) and marveled again that I was breathing. I remember wondering if Tony knew? I mean, there's oxygen in water, why not? I recalled the movie "The Abyss" in my dream. As I continued to find items I'd recently lost, I started piling them up on the bed to bring back when the bed rose again. I looked around me. Miles of darkness, the only thing being lit was wherever I was standing at the time. I remember wondering if I would get the bends if I tried to swim up myself instead of taking the bed back up.
Tags: dreams, kids, sleep

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