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  1. Muir Races to Work
    • "Spy Game"
      • Harry Gregson-Williams

  2. SUV Chase
    • "Hancock"
      • John Powell

  3. The Mountain
    • "Total Recall"
      • Jerry Goldsmith

  4. Camel Race
    • "The Mummy"
      • Jerry Goldsmith

  5. Cap'n's at the Helm
    • "Stardust"
      • Ilan Eshkeri

  6. Sail the Sky (Instrumental)
    • "Done The Impossible - The Fans' Tale Of Firefly & Serenity"
      • The Bedlam Bards

  7. Going for a Ride
    • "Serenity"
      • David Newman

  8. Arrival to Earth
    • "Transformers"
      • Steve Jablonsky

  9. Flight of the Order of the Phoenix
    • "Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix"
      • Nicolas Hooper

  10. Course Two-Five-Zero
    • "The Hunt for Red October"
      • Basil Poledouris

  11. The Saint
    • "The Return Of James Bond In `Diamonds Are Forever` And Other Secret Agent Themes"
      • Roland Shaw & His Orchestra

  12. Crockett's Theme
    • "Miami Vise"
      • Jan Hammer

  13. Downtown Tokyo Chase
    • "The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift"
      • Bryan Tyler

  14. Charge of the Batmobile
    • "Batman"
      • Danny Elfman

  15. Hovercraft Chase
    • "Die Another Day"
      • David Arnold

  16. Mona Lisa Overdrive
    • "Matrix Reloaded"
      • Juno Reactor/Don Davis

  17. Battle Without Honor or Humanity
    • "Kill Bill: Volume 1"
      • Tomoyasu Hotei

  18. Back to the Future (End Credits)
    • "Back to the Future"
      • Alan Silvestri

  19. Speed Racer
    • "Speed Racer"
      • Michael Giacchino

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