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Praying for Revolution?

Posted on 2011.02.18 at 11:38


thesweetestnote at 2011-02-18 18:50 (UTC) (Link)
A good place to catch up is on the throne! LOL Anywho, I can't stand the news. Always such a downer. I do watch however for the weather report. And the news is a bunch of hyped up BULLSHIT anyway! I know this cause I worked in news for 5 years. I swear the anchors and reporters are bunch of failed actors who still wanna be on TV... well, in this city anyway.

I'm all for salary cuts if it's for the better... temporary Marxism for a year? I dunno... I grew up in a place where most are stuck in a minimum wage paying job and busting their asses with overtime or second jobs to get food in their mouths. So to hear that somebody making 70k a year bitch about getting a few grand chopped when others are starving and wearing the same clothes from 10 years ago... well, that just sucks!

I'm all for the self-made millionaire but once you make it there you Jerk, remember to help your fellow human beings out a little. Just saying ;p

All this reminds me of this album cover.


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