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The Power of Entitlement

Eric Howton & Clonecar March 2011

I found that I feel differently knowing I have, at my command, 306 horses ready to be unleashed at a moment's notice against unsuspecting left hand lane drivers and/or those who consider using blinkers a "nuisance." While my Tiburon is quick enough, light enough, small enough, and maneuverable enough to get me out of most would-be-mouth-breather driving situations, I discovered today that RAW MOTHERFUCKING HORSEPOWER can mask a multitude of sins. Sure the Genesis Coupe 380GT is a larger, heavier car - but its also wider which means it corners (and more tightly "jumps" from lane to lane) better, and with nearly twice the horsepower and six gears (with the shortest throw of any vehicle in my expansive repertoire of cars I've driven) in which to choose from, problems just seem to...disappear. In my rear view mirror.

Thanks, Clone.

Tags: driving, photog
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