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Left work at 1700 Friday. Picked up the kids at Carla's house and took my wife to the finest Tex-Mex I've had since I left Texas. We met her cousins there for dinner. Back to Carla's - kids had been horrific. Put them to bed and started drinking G&T's. Watched Pitch Black and The Incredibles. I started calming down about midnight. 1000 Final Walk-through on the house. They gave me the key two days prior to closing. Started moving in. Met some neighbors. Started pricing new furniture. Beds are expensive! Back to Carla's. Ordered Chinese, watched The Island. Went to my Home Depot appointment to redecorate the kitchen:

Old & Busted:

The New Hotness:

Wife wanted teh max0r in the new house so she and the kids could listen to music and watch DVD's. I untethered the mac from it's existing infrastructure and transported it across town. There is exactly one grounded outlet in this 41-year old house, so I arranged things accordingly, plugged everything in, applied power, and heard my new external 7200-rpm 8MB cache harddrive click-click; whirr, click-click; whirr... My heart sunk. I powered the unit off, then back on. The mac booted! All was good again.

The house:

So here I sit, back at the hotel, using my XP router for web access. Currently reading Digital Fortress by Dan Brown, which was recommended to me by my mother. We close on the house tomorrow at 1030. I was going to go into work tomorrow morning before closing, but the wife had a fit over that idea, so I agreed to take half a day off.

Until then...
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