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Natural Selection

Posted on 2011.05.07 at 17:18


michelle1963 at 2011-04-10 04:22 (UTC) (Link)
While the yield signs are probably the worst example, I can't believe how many people drive with their head up their asses, as if they were the only ones on the road--texting, no turn indicators, going only 40 mph getting on the freeway (ahead of me), and slowing down at the scene of an accident that isn't even on their side of the highway. These people have NO sense of self-preservation. Really.

It is a definite chore to look out for myself and them too. But what choice do I have?
ehowton at 2011-04-10 14:57 (UTC) (Link)
None whatsoever. That's why I've redefined "defensive driving" and let me tell you, its a whole hell of a lot more aggressive than those lambs to the slaughter think it should be, but in the long run, I will survive.
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