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Last night I dreamed that some years back drax0r & I had invested with uniquenudes when he needed to purchase some props for traveling and shooting his models. They were impressively ornate "sheik" style tents - long and narrow, completely open on one end and rounded at the back. That's where he always put the wrought-iron loveseat, in the back near the rounded back, and would shoot his models.

Part of the investorship allowed drax0r and I to take advantage of these tents by staying overnight in them. One of uniquenudes's signatures was setting up these tents on a dark, deserted stretch of beach where you could hear the crashing of the waves. My wife and I showed up and were surprised to find melancthe there! The three of us drank wine and had a wonderful visit which lasted throughout the night, the only sad part being the story of the prostitute who died in my arms one evening a couple of years back on another tent-vacation with my wife (WTF, right?)

Then it was time for the Taekwondo Expo! We met our kids at the lavish hotel where our Master fit us all in a long, brilliant-white limo that took us out for a night on the our uniforms. Except I couldn't find my belt. From dinner we went back to the hotel where there was already sparring taking place in the ballroom which had been padded with interlocking blue and orange squares, but the kids were exhausted.

As weird as all this sounds, IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF SLEEP I'VE HAD IN A MONTH!
Tags: dreams, sleep

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