ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


A man living ashore, well founded, feet beneath him firmly grounded
Boasts of good deeds, of bounty - known in his village, known in his county
Creating plowshares from his sword in regular supplication to the Lord
Doting on his children, doting on his wife, keeping his own council; a serendipitous life

Effacing and content...but for the song on a woman's lips from a single passing ship
Faraway exoticism leads him to board a boat, for this mere dot on his radar, may be his last hope
Going only halfway out to take a closer look, not too far not too near this voyager undertook
Halfway is close enough to home, yet free enough to roam

In his mind a safety clasp - never going all the way, only far enough to grasp
Just close enough to familiarity, but far enough for adventurous gregarity
Kaleidoscope of sounds, colors and scents envelope him as he nears, an unexpected turn of events!
Languishing only now because a pang of guilt emerged, guilt's presence in and of itself fidelity proved interred.

Making up excuses for feeling how he does, questioning suddenly everything that he's ever loved
No room for any missteps, not even a single error, trepidation flushes him, wholly filled with terror
Onward though he trudges, careful to straddle aliquot, hanging from the thread of sanity, hitherto uncut
Perhaps if it had never happened, perhaps if he had never sought, he wouldn't know the feel of fear, the fear of being caught

Questioning first himself and his motivations, then everything he's ever known as an addendum for internal calculations
Radicated to his past and everything he's been, is it possible to embrace another and bypass mortal sin?
Surely mankind acknowledges e'er mold not be filled the same, to bend to the will of mores and saints would definitely be insane
To have more fun, to bring more joy, to create a well-rounded community, then also miscreants and oafs and buffoons should endeavor to be
Unless you want fear in your life and sadness and loss of hope, its imperative you loosen the noose from your neck and release the societal rope

Victor we shall be upon an embrace of free
When we all begin to see that you are different from me
Xenial to a tolerable degree shown to unfamiliar company
Yaw and pitch unsteadily until your sea legs become accustomed to geniality
Zen and mastery of gaiety shall forever be your guaranty!
Tags: fear, poem

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