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Thoughts on a $2500 Bed...

Posted on 2006.01.26 at 10:22
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Spent the night in the new house last night for the first time. We haven't moved yet, we're still in the hotel, but last night was a good trial run. Lori had a mess of beans cooked up for dinner, and Carla joined us. The kids were going absolutely ape-shit, running and screaming throughout the house. The only things we have in the house actually, are Carla's. Her table and chairs, coffee table, a single stuffed chair, and her black & white 13" TV (with woodgrain finish). Oh, and our new $2500 bed which was delivered yesterday. Carla left, I read a book to each of the children and put them to bed, and crawled into THE BED. It was magnificent! Such a wonderful, blissful place to be. I started giggling I was so overwhelmed with it's comfort. The wife and I laid in bed and read for an hour or so. Then I put my book away and laid down. THE BED sucked all the tension and stress of the day out of my body. There's a lot of technology in this mattress. The pillow-top is almost indescribable. It's supple and enveloping, yet underneath it's firm and supportive. I rolled over and fell right asleep between the flannel sheets.

A cacaphony of noise drew me from my slumber some hours later. It was my cell phone! Why was my cell phone ringing in the middle of the night? Eventually, I reached for. So much time had passed since it first awoke me to my actually reaching for the thing, I was surprised it hadn't stopped. "Call" the display read. That could only mean one thing: 24-Hour Help Desk Operations. I answered. The 3rd shift guy started apologizing right away. My secondary office was offline. No servers could be reached by ping. He'd already contacted the oncall staff, and they told him they would contact me, but according to his escalation, he was required to notify of a Severity One outage. "NEVER..." I said probably too loudly, "...hesitate to call me, no matter what time it is." He was thankful for that. The oncall staff member notified me, he was an hour away. I remember those days. I was four minutes away. I rolled out of bed and got dressed. It was 0515. Two full hours stolen from my time in THE BED.


wardlejew at 2006-01-26 16:43 (UTC) (Link)
Nothing is like a good Bed. I recall bed shopping with Kim just before we were married. We had tried out a few, and we really liked one. Kim went to another store and found another one. The sales person was pushy and Kim was falling into his trap. I showed up later and saved the day. I tested it out and there was no comparison to the other bed we liked. The annoying sales person wouldn't even let me talk to my wife for a minute without him hanging over our shoulders. I convinced Kim it wasn't the bed we wanted. We later purchased the bed we liked in the first place and we have not regretted it since. Yes, we spent a little more than we wanted to, but it has been almost been 6 years now, WOW!, and we still get in bed and think ahhhh, this is nice. That is worth the extra $.
(Anonymous) at 2006-02-02 16:57 (UTC) (Link)


I can't help but pointing out that 'It's supple and enveloping" is normally how I refer to a vagina...

ehowton at 2006-02-02 17:02 (UTC) (Link)

Re: terminology

Well, dude, doesn't that suck all the tension and stress of the day out of your body, and you fall asleep immediately afterwards too?
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