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Mother's Day


To all the mom's and mom's mom's and mom's mom's mom's. My own mom got cards from the kids, and a call from me; my kid's mom got two dozen roses and tons of cards and kid's made cake. While I've been keeping the front yard a putting green, I haven't touched my back yard in a turn of the season, and the four-foot tall thistles were a testament to my words - were. For Mother's Day, I mowed them down. We've turned this "Mother's Day" into a "Mother's Weekend." And tomorrow, I'm making pancakes! I sure love that woman. More than words can express...

So we're re-watching Supernatural. Seasons 1-4. Again. And this time, we're going to watch Season 5 (which we've never seen). Very excited. Season six comes out 10-days before my birthday. I've already planted the seed...
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