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I Spy

Read these words:


"What's the first letter in that first one son?"
"Good job! And what does 'B' sound like?"
"Excellent! Now, the other two letters sound like, 'AAARRR' so what is the word?"
"Ok, no. 'Buh-AAARRR'."
"Not quite. The word is 'bar.'"
"Perfect. Now, if that word is 'bar' what's the word below it?"
"No, what letter is at the beginning of the word?"
"Great! And what sound does 'C' make?"
"Fantastic! Now, knowing the the word above is 'BUH-AAARRR' what would this word be?"
"Ok, no. Don't say truck again. Ever. What sound does 'C' make?"
"Excellent. And if B.A.R is bar, then C.A.R is what?"

*sigh* just went downhill from there.
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