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Blast Radius

Newly tinted windows on the Tiburon

To recap, I missed the second and last week of my 72-hour per week project with a death in the family, my wife's paternal grandmother which necessitated an emergency deployment to Kansas - and thank you all for the kind words.

All of this has taken place in 110-degree weather, both here and in Kansas. Hot, hot, hot! As soon as I got back we sunk an even grand into both Hyundai's; synthetic oil changes, State Inspections, two new tires on each, and after 4-years of ownership I finally got my windows tinted. But its quite obvious I need to invest in a car wash.

Then the A/C in the house went out.

Did I mention its 110° out?

Of course during all of this we're moving. Everything. And quickly. So, pretty much chaos everywhere.

And I'm flying to Wichita on Monday for an overnight stay.

At some point, I'll need to clean out my desk at work, which between Kansas and my Garland activities I won't have seen for nearly three weeks by the time I get there. I'm also hoping to appropriate all my flat-panel monitors and two 1U x86 servers.

Just in case, I have this order on hot-standby as an ESX 4.1 server for home use:

The Dell PowerEdge R210

And I'll be trading in my cheap-as-fuck dry-loop DSL in for some hot 55Mbps down/5.5Mbps up $100/month COX cable action - the only broadband provider in all of Wichita and the surrounding area. Unless you're in a spot which gets AT&T's U-Verse. And I'm not.

I ♥ Cox. (Say that aloud, its embarrassing, trust me - danzigfried knows!)

So much more to do, so little time in which to do it.

And life just keeps getting in the way.
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