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The Psychology Behind Chaos

I'm down to one monitor in place of my usual four because I left my desk in Texas, so that's been challenging. I won't get to decompress after this frantically pressuring week (both the move and the load at work this particular week - more resignations and half-staff due to an annual project) because I need to use the weekend to retrieve the few remaining items from the Anna House - then start all over for another hectic work week without a break. And while I'm prone to "overworking" when I WFH (Work From Home), I need to try to learn and temper that with family now that I'm 100% remote.

But not this week.

And probably not next week.

My son's computer wouldn't boot when we arrived so he's using one of the guest computers, I bought Dungeon Siege III from Game Stop down the street because our computers met the "minimum requirement" to play, but the 4GB needed for installation was not accurate. It needs a whopping 39GB!!! Space my son's 72GB drive does not have. Also included in this bastardization is the REQUIREMENT to install 3rd-party "Steam" assware.

In replacing my primary Windows platform with one with 8GB DDR3 and a faster system bus (everything else is identical) I've used this opportunity to update my existing box for flowdown to my Clone (who could really use the quad-cores) except that Windows cannot apply the updates, and the error codes are seemingly meaningless. Microsoft has two tools to assist with this, one is a Windows "revalidation" tool, and the other a Windows Update "Hotfix" both of which failed to install initially, and once I was able to overcome whatever HooDoo was preventing that, once they did install effected no visible change - the updates still failed to installed with no rhyme or reason why. Its the most concentrated cesspool of reasonless idiocy I've encountered in a while, causing me no end of stress.

Add to that the miserable bandwidth I was experiencing with my brand-spanking new 55Mbps/5.5Mbps cable company appropriately named, "Cox." That turned out to be a wireless lan driver issue with Ubuntu and was solved by running a 100-foot cable up the stairs to my temporary office until I can relocated adjacent my rack in the basement. An easy fix to be sure, but troubleshooting the problem amidst everything else just added to the pile.

I try not to yell at the kids who vacillate between running through the house like bobcats on booze and being frustratingly bored out of their skull, which is why I was so eager to get their computers set up. The DirecTV installation alleviated some of that, but we were only able to unpack one of their receiver units, the other still nestled somewhere in an unmarked box in a cavernous garage filled with boxes upon boxes.

And Brasero, the Gnome disc-burner that I've never gotten to reliably burn anything, ever, amongst a myriad of different hardware platforms, linux distros, and burners failed once again to save the day when Nero on a Win7 Vbox instance refused to allow me to use the identified host drive as a valid volume. Sadly, I think it will be some time before all these issues are corrected and I'm back to some semblance of a steady state.

There are a thousand more things needling at my psyche right now, and I'm trying and failing to look like I still have my cool. But work takes precedence, and I have that in spades. When I am able to step back from the sticky pit which is my life right now, I see happy children, and productive, forward-thinking wife and clone. This makes me happy, and I remember my troubles are all temporary - that I'm the one who has a problem with letting everything get to me. I haven't exactly been grace under pressure - an aberration for me; So I'm working on that. Learning to step back and enjoy all the wonderful, wonderful things which I have surrounding me.

And once I've mastered that, maybe the homesickness will abate.
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