ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Last Hurrah

I'm not really one to ask for help. My wife and clone and I loaded and unloaded the first 26-foot truck ourselves. But at just shy of 42, the recovery time was far longer than the one week I had before I was back in Texas with another 26-foot truck to fill, and I knew I couldn't do it alone.

Enter the gang who responded to my plea on the Anna Texas Community Forum:

Taken with mr_dowg's awesome new 3D camera phone!

They were so much help in fact - and I underestimated how much work was actually left - that I could not have done it without them. I simply could not have. mr_dowg alone did the work of 12-men!

At first, it was fun. Seeing mah peeps and drinking a little Shiner while we loaded. But then it got hot. Real hot, real fast. And the rest was a chore. But these guys - all of them - saw it through to the end. Thank you. I'm gonna miss our various activities around town together :(

And that was the high point of day.

The evening deteriorated quickly, getting just as bad as it had started. The truck visor kept knocking into my head every 30-seconds or so until the sun went down, and when it did, it started raining. And they shut down the interstate due to wildfires. So we pulled off the road and got a hotel room. $133 for a room I wouldn't pay $120 for the night before because it "wasn't worth it." Well guess what? Tonight, after sitting at a standstill on the interstate for an hour, and getting the very last room at the was very much worth it.

And I totally parallel parked that 26-foot truck, yes I did.

I'm going to pass out now.
Tags: anna, driving

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