ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

USS Jimmy Carter

When my wife saw what my clone and I had created in the long, narrow basement, she thought it looked like a toss-up between a submarine (her first word) and Mr. Universe's "desk" on his private moon. You can't kill the signal, Mal. I therefore dub thee, the USS Jimmy Carter.

You see, my SSID & HomeGroup are both SKYNET. CROMARTIE is my DL380 ESX server, CAMERON my DL360 ubuntu workstation. I'm currently re-building my rx2600 HP/UX 11.31 box to have for lab-use here at the hizzle. But those were easy compared to merging my home office, and office. Especially given that I had something like two monitors on my desk at home and five at work. However, between dual-input monitors, KVM's, and dual-out video cards...I've created my own personal Frankenstein of 100% Remote (WFH) office which integrates my daily home-office lifestyle. Welcome to the machine:

Enter the basement troll. My wife is going to place a warning sign at the top of the stairs to warn those who might stumble in and find themselves at the mercy of the hairy, unshaven beast with no pants at the bottom of the basement, working remotely all hours of the day and night. The basement troll often skips meals, misses group activities, and becomes surly if without wine too long. Why look, here's a one now:

Proper setup is paramount in the work-from-home game, as my hastily placed laptop on a flat surface with monitors knocked about willy-nilly was not only ill-conceived but downright distracting. Now I breathe a sigh of relief as I feel "at home" in my environment, and my home space closely mimics my work space insofar as the server white noise and dull walls of my "cubicle" don't inspire any dreams of grandeur. All stimulation is focused on my work in this deprivation chamber I have crafted for my own unique psyche (and by default the psyche of my clone, duh). All I really wish I had now was sound-bytes of my manager growling at me. Not that he ever really growled. Perhaps I'll surreptitiously record him growling one morning meeting. Or at least try to goad him into growling, since its not his usual means of communication.


Tags: office, rack, wichita

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