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The kids were in the other room watching television the other night when they came into the living room to get me. They were very excited about something. The both of them. They each grabbed a hand and tried to extract me from the couch. I relented and followed them into the other room. They sat on the edge of the bed, and patted a space between them. "Sit here, HURRY!" I sat down in front of an infomercial for a mop, and looked at both of them. What did you want me to see? Did I miss it? Both pair of eyes were GLUED to the screen. "No, daddy, this is it - watch!" I watch a man demonstrate the mop on a variety of substances. The children were awe-struck. About two and a half minutes later, they show the mop, and the price. $19.95. "This is the part!" My son announces. My daughter squeals with delight. Not one, but TWO! TWO mops for the price of one! the television announces. Both children looked as though they had seen the real Santa Claus. "TWO DADDY! You can get TWO mops!" They were very excited about the mops. I was speechless.

Going to Wichita this weekend to perform the smaller of the two moves. Leaving Thursday after work and arriving back in STL Saturday evening. As the in-laws are still out of town, we're contemplating theiving their 27" television until we get our household goods from Texas. I cannot wait to get a couch!

Astro. His wife. His brother-in-law. My wife. Our friend. Our two children. Myself. Enjoyed dinner and an evening with Astro & his family when he came to STL on business. Will unfortunately miss them on the way back, as we are in Wichita that weekend. Not to worry, they're looking to get down here lickety-split! His brother-in-law is an ex-Navy man and unix system administrator. That was cool, we had lots to talk about! That and Astro finally come up with the goods - pics of the Bengals. Oh, they're gorgeous. The coloring! The patterns! Meow.

Concerning the Texas move:

060322 (evening) Leave for Wichita. Sleep upon arrival.
060323 (morning) Leave for Boyd. Kids at folks. Overnight at David & Wendy's.
060324 (all-day event) Mom & Dad. Kids at folks. Overnight at David & Wendy's.
060325 (morning) Pick up U-Haul in Decatur & load. Overnight in Decatur.
060326 (late-morning) Drive to Wichita. Overnight in Wichita.
060327 (morning) Drive to STL.
060328 Unload truck. Pass out upon completion.
060329 Return truck
060330 Return to work.

Methinks David & Wendy are going to keep Mleko. She's a sweet cat, and I love her. But she is also getting up in years, and there is nothing I can offer her that David cannot. Plus, she's integrated herself into his 4000/sqft home with his other cats and hasn't seen Daisy in a year. I'd hate to move her across the country to offer her an 800/sqft house with Daisy. If there's going to be someone other than myself who is caring for Mleko, there's no one else I would rather it be than David.

For Valentine's, my wife presented me with a basket arrangement of Bud Light and chocolate World Poker Tour 'chips' (we are in STL, after all - what better way to express ourselves than with Bud Light, the local beer of choice?) I hid in the house, a bottle of Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur. I wonder if she'll share?
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